• Of course that, like Final Fantasy: Advent Children, RE: Degeneration was also made for the fans and for those ones who are familiar to the stories behind the happenings over the game series.

    RE: Degeneration is an "episode" after the happenings of RE 2 and RE 4, so if you've already played these ones you will notice some familiarities, but if you haven't, what you already know by the crap movie trilogy is kinda useful. Anyway, its a lot enjoyable.

    Even being a CG movie, it has a lot of action and the movie follows the same steps of each game of the series, so it has references of the games all the time like: the different big and rich scenarios that are more than just scenarios but part of the story and also enemies of the characters; the new characters being presented, each one of them having their very own importance in the story; the zombies that pops everywhere and also the final boss, that gets bigger and bigger on each new episode of the game series.

    Of course that, the best thing about this movie is the great come back of some of the most loved characters of the series like the best and smartest special agent Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, a sweet girl that has the strength and courage of a lion. Both Leon and Claire are portrait here exactly like they are in the games.

    The CG movie is also very faithful to the games, I mean... even the CG are similar to the games CG, giving the feeling that at any moment the game will starts or you will have to press a command at any moment, and that's very thrilling for the fans.

    Well, that's it... that's sad for me to say - as a movie lover and also a RE fan that has been playing the series since 1996 - that the best Resident Evil movie is a CG movie, and that is a shame for the movie trilogy and everyone involved in it. The Resident Evil trilogy is a reputation destroyer for the game series and RE: Degeneration finally comes to deliver what the fans were missing: something new but faithful to the games.