• This enjoyable and fresh story about intense rivalry among magicians is set in turn-of-the last century, London.Robert Angier(Hugh Jackman) his wife Julie McCullough(Piper Perabo) and Alfred Borden(admirable Christian Bale) are friends and magician's assistants. Then Julie accidentally deceases during a sideshow , Robert accuses Alfred for her killing . A new assistant named Olivia(Scarlett Johansson) helps Robert and he falls in love with her, though later she fell in love with another man. The magicians use their powers to combat among them. Both become prestigious magicians and get mutual envy. Magician Robert sees the Borden's transportation show and he becomes obsessed with his magic trick. They battle each other for their magic tricks and Robert attempts disclose the secret about disappearance from his contender with fateful results.

    This splendid movie is stunning in many aspects and blends appropriately various genres: the lush romantic period piece during nineteenth century Victorian Era, mystery thriller and fantasy.The picture gets it all : suspense, mystery drama, star crossed lovers,plot twists, murders,tragedy and supernatural illusions . Featuring an excellent casting, as main actors, Jackman, Bale, Johansson as eclectic secondaries, Caine,David Bowie,Andie Serkis and Rebecca Hall.Luxurious attention to period detail in brilliant costumes and spectacular production design . Beautifully and mesmerizing cinematography by Wally Pfister. Intriguing and evocative musical score by David Julyan. The motion picture is perfectly directed by innovator director Christopher Nolan, author of various masterpieces: ¨ Insomnia,Memento,Batman begins, Dark night¨. At the same time was made another film(2006)with similar theme titled 'The illusionist'by Neal Burger with Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti and Jessica Biel which also achieved much success. Rating : Above average, it was throughly amusing and exciting, and no as predictable as you would think. The film results to be a complete pleasure to watch these actors at this work,it's highly recommended and keep you guessing until final.