• Warning: Spoilers
    You cant talk about underrated action flicks without mentioning The Last Boy Scout. I mean this movie came and went and stayed off the radar for a while. Let me give you a brief description of what its about.

    Bruce Willis plays Joe Hallenback, a down on his luck private investigator who comes home and finds his best friend sleeping with his wife. He later teams up with an ex-football player named Jimmy Dix(Damon Wayans) whose girlfriend Cory(Halle Berry) just got murdered.

    Opinion: Lets do a quintessential buddy cop checklist and see if this movie meets those requirements.

    Does it feature an unlikely pairing? Check. Does the unlikely pairing work well together? Check. Does it have moments of humor since one of the stars is a comic? Check. Does it give you one hell of ride from start to finish? Check

    So what the hell are these people expecting? This was made to be a popcorn flick but it was one hell of popcorn flick. Bruce Willis still shined as the action hero of the movie. Damon Wayans was funny but he also fared well when it was time to do a serious scene. I still laugh at the scene where Jimmy claims that Joe has to be the dumbest man on planet Earth because Joe is trying to solve the murder of the same best friend who slept with his wife. The audience still cares even we we come to the realization also. This movie came out at a time when you can expect a good action flick and the director Tony Scott hadn't dropped the ball yet in that department. If you don't expect Oscar material you might like this one but I still think its one of the most underrated buddy cop movies of all time.