• Warning: Spoilers
    Why is it that the 80s produced so many great movies? Uncanny but true.

    Have been recently one by one re-discovering them but on the strength of comments from this site and the obvious talent of Virginia Madsen both then and now, I found and bought this on DVD.

    All in all this is a very entertaining movie where 2 teenagers fall in love - Madsen the teenage Catholic schoolgirl and Craig Sheffer as the Prison Camp bad boy. They seem to interact very well together in this movie - some great scenes especially the dance sequence.

    They fight all foes to be together: her parents, the Nuns at the Catholic School and the Prison Camp Boss ... scenery is fantastic in this movie and the music to die for - again the 80s produced some great music - Huey Lewis, Price, Bryan Ferry the list goes on.

    Madsen as an actress in her mid twenties really carries off this teenage role - perhaps in the best performance of her 80s career. She does an excellent job in this one - you really believe she is a school girl from the soft voice to the hair, the eyes, the school uniform.

    Sheffer as Joe Fisk also is very good as the bad boy with 1 redeeming quality his love for Lisa Taylor Madsen's character - he is in a word - very attractive in this movie. They share humor, danger and their love for each other in this movie in their attempt to escape the forces that chase after them at the end ... will leave the ending for you to watch yourself! As for music some of it seems unavailable - but one of the songs "I'm In It For Love" by James House - a version of this song by Donny Osmond is on his Soldier of Love album ... also on a Best of product as well ...

    Nonetheless great entertaining movie from the 80s