• Warning: Spoilers
    Watching this documentary will provide many interesting insights into history of the Soviet Union as well as the Nazi Germany through analysis of the documents, ideas of historians, memories of witnesses.

    Firstly, it should be noted that the documentary focuses on the critical discussion of mass killings, concentration practiced by the Soviet secret state. It is shown while citing K. Marx and Fr. Engels why the soviet leaders (Lenin, later Stalin) killed people, set up concentration camps seeking to establish their own authority.

    Secondly, the makers of the documentary revealed how the Nazi government used experience, some ideological ideas of K. Marx, and shocking experience of Lenin, NKVD to set up killing machine of Jews and other people of Germany.

    Thirdly, there has been shown how the Soviet officials and the Nazi government collaborated before World War II in order to improve killing machine mechanism and annex territories of free states in Europe. Later, the shocking crimes of the Soviet state has been shown in the Baltic countries.

    Finally, the film-makers have revealed shocking legacy dealing with justification of the communism crimes in some social groups of politicians in Russia.

    In conclusion, watching this documentary will form critical approach towards similarities of Communism and Nazism.