• Warning: Spoilers
    Let me clarify by saying that this would be the best worst movies I have ever watched

    The first time I saw the lead hero I thought they were just showing some "Extra cast" as they call it running from the main lead. But it turned out to be our "Hero" as they call it much to my amazement and "delight". Then you see that he really fits the role being kicked arround and swindled easily by everyone like a typical "Laluu". Voila! the heroine comes to the rescue ala "Jhansi ki rani" on a bike instead of a horse with a helmet to hide her face in case anybody notices that she is Gracy Singh from the Oscar running movie "Lagaan" which was her first movie. Looks like our Laluu has a thing for dames on bikes and bicycles his first one being Miss bicyclist - Hrishitta bhatt again a renowned face. God knows what Jhansi ki rani and Miss bicyclist had in mind when they signed for this movie but bless their souls for having to go through the torture of dancing and singing with one of the most Laluu characters ever seen leading a movie.

    As for Mr. Laluu he keeps ruing about the fact that he is still alive, kills 5-6 policemen and politicians with one bullet, penetrates the most toughest security perimeters with gravity defying jumps and stunts and keeps crying about his dead grandpa and his dreams. Jhansi ki raani lends the Mithunda touch to the movie and strangely looks more masculine than our Mr. Laluu. In fact I suspect that both these characters are confused about their sexuality and therein find compatibility. Cant wait to see what their next generation turns out to be.

    This movie is meant to be watched friends at a time when people have nothing better to do but ridicule, debase and insult someone from the bottom of the heart and laugh at it like a devil. Please Please watch this 8th wonder of the world in its pure ugliness.