• First in the series coming out in 1962 was "Dr. No" which was Bond but different It had a weird starting and without the barrel scene it had something missing that I think all Bonds should have. "From Russia With Love" I believe is Bond at his best. It shows all the sides of Bond from the wit and charm of the womanizer to the coldness he has to have in his job. In this third film "Goldfinge" we see more of Bond's character unfolding, and together with the bad guy and some of the funnier puns Bond has made in his movie this is certainly one of the Connery ones to remember.

    Anyway the reason I think this film is not as good as FRWL is that every now and then the plot can get a little bit dozy and while even the boring bits were bits you could watch I think for sheer enjoyment "From Russia With Love" is classic Bond.

    Anyway, this is what Bond is all about, and who could forget the classic name Pussy Galore, it is a name that showed how James Bond could be funny at the same time, and it is hard to believe how in 1964 they could get away with that, but if they had n't they would have lost a huge bit of cinematic history.

    Overall, Goldfinger is a good inclusion to the Connery Bonds and is my second favourite of his films. I rate this one 73%.