• In this film we see Bond fake his own death for more elbow room on his cases, and we then see him on a mission in Japan hunting down Bloefeld and his evil plan to cause was between USA and Russia.

    This film again has the Sean Connery style all real fans of the series love and have always loved. He again owned the role and showed everyone he is one of the best Bonds the world will ever see.

    As for the Bond girl, we have a Japanese one this time, to suit he is in the Japanese country, and she does a good job doing what all Bond girls do best in the early Bond's and that is to be Bond's girl.

    Bloefeld is a great bad guy and always has been. From not actually seeing his face in FRWL and seeing about half his body in Thunderball he is the real Bond villain, he has it all the wit, the evilness and most of all in an early Bond film, he has the power to get away with what he wants to, unfortunately for him Bond is on the job when he activates his plans.

    As for this movie compared to the others, this is quite good and I definitely like it more then Dr. No and Thunderball, but this film is not up to the task set up to by FRWL and "Goldfinger".

    Overall, most Bond film fans will like this is they have already not seen it and look for the hilarious scene where Bond is meant to look Japanese and yet he does n't look or sound Japanese at all. Think of the character's disguise in Team America and you will know how bad the disguise is. Anyway that is just a bad bit for a good movie. I rate it 72%.