• Warning: Spoilers
    This movie tries hard to cash in on gross humour delivered with gusto by the leads Sean Will Scott and Randy Quaid, two of Hollywood's finest proponents of the art form. But what tries to be irreverent and so politically incorrect just turns into a film that is just gross. The writers really have to be blamed here because I thought all the performers did their best with a very a bad script.

    Some of the scenes like the ones involving the 8 year old girl were actually exploitation. How censorship boards would let those pass is beyond me. It isn't funny to hear an 8 year old little girl (who looks 6) say such crude things. And the dog scene where the little girl claims to be dry humped while wiping a suspicious gooey substance from her face was revolting and they should be ashamed of themselves for even coming up with such filth.

    Next, no matter what you say, Tennis isn't funny. It never will be funny and to use that as a premise for the sporting aspect of this film was a mistake. A lot of the elements of this film have been done a million times before and much much better than this piece of tripe. Sean William Scott had a promising career, that has stalled obviously as why else would he make a movie like this?

    Don't see it unless you are a self masochist.