• I originally only wanted to see this with a friend because I had been sick for a long time and wanted to get out but not REALLY get out and so I did n't really expect much from this film and all I knew was that it had comedy genius(and overall genius) Bill Murray an that was all I needed to see this instead of seeing "Quantom Of Solace" again.

    Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this movie. It has the right amount of message, storyline and even humor such as the robot "Worker" who is inept at its job and the whole cast does a great job and I would n't be surprised if some of them are n't seen more in the near future. And of course Bill Murray does a great job as the overweight and corrupt mayor of Ember.

    Anyway the movie is a good movie not only for acting and entertaining storyline but the message is very good and truly does capture how people can deny a problem that is right infront of their eyes and their believe that help would come when if you think about it there is no help unless you help yourself.

    Overall, this is a very good film and I recommend it for anyone who is in the mood for a good movie. I rate it 64%.