• I have to agree with most comments about this movie but i must mention that films like the lampoon series, animal house, and even "dude where's my car" provide a no-brainer way to escape our world. I'm not always looking for a "motorcyle diaries" experience. sometimes, i just want to laugh at a dumb joke and forget how bad my investment portfolio is doing! People sometimes take themselves way too seriously, and expect everyone else to do so to... and I quote van wilder "don't take life so seriously, you'll never get out of it alive" Actors like Scott are willing to be the idiots, and show us their a**es, and know that most often, we are laughing at them and not with them. The guy is also in his early movie career... look at how far sandler, Will smith, Daemon and afleck have come (think reindeer games)

    perhaps Scott will turn into the next Bogart, or perhaps he'll always be "the jerk" (think the first half of Martin's career, although I am not putting Scott at martin's level) but I don't think the world will suffer one way or the other, so lighten up everyone, we sure as h*ll need it right now, even if we all think we could do a better job of it!