• Warning: Spoilers
    Grand Theft Autos have always been excellent, but GTA IV, set in Liberty City, is the best one yet! With excellent graphic, realistic scenarios and a newly introduced cover system, GTA IV really does bring this city to life with the ability to car-jack, drive around, and simply enjoy escalating the wanted level stars.

    I loved the multi-player mode, with up to around 16 players around Liberty City, either working together, capturing territories, killing each other, or many other options. The thing I don't like though, is the fact that only a, huge map can be played. But this is minor, you'll be so absorbed in massacring everyone that you'll fail to notice.

    The cheats have also been enhanced, now the quick-dialing of cheats can be accessed by using the phone instead of having to always dial the cheat when you want to use it, like many other GTA games.

    This game is recommended for all PS3 and Xbox 360 users. Congratulations, Rockstar!