• For a kids show (me being one who watched it when it was on), I think this show was pretty decent for a Nick show. Sure, its like the loser who commented before me said, it usually was the same formula, but the kids who watched this show don't CARE. That's the point! You make a show that has moral values and entertains kids. If you wanted to make a show geared towards teens or adults, this is the worst idea for a show you could have. But, this show serves its purpose, entertaining kids.

    And honestly, if you're into some of their sports, you'll notice some of the humor in this show.

    The show does make an attempt to give moral lessons through every episode, and does present very different situations. There is some really good voice acting, and although the script has fairly stereotypical lines (I've yet to meet anyone who says "Dude" and "Bro" as much as the characters in this show), its really decent writing.