• I saw this movie quite recently and was pleasantly surprised. At first I thought it was a day after tomorrow rip off especially when the doctor was asked when he had to meet the boat and he said "The day after tomorrow". However when I looked at the year that this film was made I realised that it was ICE that came before DAT. The story was believable and the actors credible, the only thing that made me smile was when the soldiers started firing at our heroes. In theory trained soldiers should have dropped our heroes in seconds but hey they missed. Mind you this happens in most shoot em ups. having said that our hero did get winged or should I say legged and then came the bit when he told his girlfriend that he didn't love her so she'd leave him behind I found that scene quite touching. All in all a good movie the special effects were not to Hollywood standards but they were good and believable. I would certainly watch this movie again and would not be disappointed if someone give it to me as a present.