• Warning: Spoilers
    Well...Managed to see RE:D today, and by God what a mess.

    The live action series, while dissatisfying, looks like Schindler's List compared with this turkey.

    Visually, it was OK, but nothing better than a CG cut scene from a game, the animations were stiff and awkward though. But nothing that can't be looked over.

    Design was mediocre, The shining star was the Wilpharm facility, which looked lovely but the rest was very run of the mill. The G-Virus creature was crap, it looked very cartoon like.

    Story was pretty much not present, at times they hint at plots, which if they decided to go deep and make a story out of it, sounded interesting, but all these ideas get is a brief mention then more mindless action set pieces roll in.

    The characters were bland, more so than in the live action films. I swear they modeled Leon's personality after Keanu Reeves' acting, more wooden than a tree stump. Here is a fun drinking game, get your friends over and watch the film, take a shot every time you see Leon just standing there super stiff like he has a pole up his exit shaft. Aside from being bland the characters are also quite stupid, to the point where it is no longer believable, they are worse than walking clichés.

    Now, here is the big thing, this feels nothing like Resident Evil, yet all I hear from blind fans is that this film is the best RE film ever made....with this in mind I had a look at the complaints they made about the live action films and compared them to what this film delivers:

    Not enough monsters was a big one from the live action films. But Degeneration only has Zombies and the G-Monster....the live action films at their lowest monster count had more (Zombies, Dogs, Licker, Licker v2.0)

    No original characters from the games was another complaint, yet the only one who does anything in the film is Leon, Claire takes a back seat to, you guessed it, a female lead not from the games....

    Alice having super powers, is one of the few points I agree with, and thankfully none of the characters have super powers in this film, however some of the stuff Leon does is too much to believe ,and he doesn't have the Virus melding with his body as an excuse.

    Atmosphere was one of the biggest complaints, they whined about the live action films not having the same horror and atmosphere of the games and that they were all about action. Yet Degeneration has none of the atmosphere either, it is all action, no horror so why aren't these adamant fans complaining about that?

    I am a huge RE fan, have been for over 10 years, and I can say, this film fails on more levels than the live action ones do, in fact it doesn't even do right what the live actions ones did. It also fails as a film, with a loose plot at best, being overshadowed at all times by action sequences that make no sense and have been put in there just to be there, and they aren't even well done.

    The people giving this movie 10/10 and praising it as the RE messiah will recant this down the track and start slamming it as being nothing more than an insult to moviegoers and a betrayal to RE fans.

    Avoid this "film" there is nothing redeeming about it, in fact, this is what an Uwe Boll RE film would be like.