• Warning: Spoilers
    A little Fred Olen Ray cheese about the troubled production of a silly sci-fi spoof called Bad Girls to Mars, where a serial killer in black outfit and mask is murdering off the female leads until Edy Williams(..under a sultry voice) is called in for the part, and doesn't die so easily. A showcase for Edy Williams(..nearing 50 at this time)who doesn't mind shedding her clothes(..she even changes wardrobe as her new director is driving her to a party in his Convertible!)showing off her doctored breasts. Jay Richardson amuses as an always grinning lead actor who raises the ire of his lady, make-up girl, Brinke Stevens(..fatally underused in this film)as he flirts with the bimbo actresses who star opposite him. Stevens covets the female lead role but her boss, director Oliver Darrow, won't give it to her. Darrow's lover, Dana Bentley, is his secretary, whose jealousy of Williams leads to an intense cat-fight! I watched a version which censored the lesbian kiss between Williams and Stevens...aww, shucks. Sub-plot reveals that the producers want the film to fail so that they can collect insurance benefits. I think the reason to see this are the cast(..especially Richardson whose a hoot as a movie-star wannabe, a third-rate actor delusional to the fact that he's not starring in a major project but a dumb sci-fi B-movie) and the sex jokes and zingers..Olen Ray is poking gleeful fun at the Hollywood process using slasher conventions(..mildly, and each death is so silly, including an actress hung by a roll of film strip, you can hardly find them disturbing, even a head in a box)as a tool, while also nodding lovingly at sci-fi flicks of yore. I will admit, I wanted some more Brinke Stevens than is available in this movie, but her sexy presence is in the movie for brief stretches. This film belongs to Edy Williams who plays her part as a bimbo with no inhibitions, who will not back down from physical altercations if challenged, to the hilt.