• Warning: Spoilers
    Well what can you say about this film other than six of one and half a dozen of the other. With regards to the good, acting was good, story was good, music was good. The bad points were very sloppy stupid mistakes, The film never at all felt like the 80's it was sometimes hard to get the era. At one point the bouncer even says lets get away from the camera's, there were no camera's back then. The clothes felt mismatched the dancing in the club didn't look right. If you want a lesson on how to recreate the 80's look at "This is England". There were flaws in the ideology of the film and at the end you were left a little flat. Ideolgies of being passive and peaceful contradicted by violent behaviour. That does happen and people are like that but it just didn't work here. Parts of the film seemed real and the behaviour of characters was justified and other parts you were just left in disbelief at certain actions. Whatever this film was trying to achieve it failed and just became a testosterone battle of wills. OK this was the 80's people were angry people fought and these things did happen but if you are going to have that as a feature then at least do it properly, like The Firm for example. An Average 5 for me, this could have been a good film but production let it down.