• Warning: Spoilers
    The Intercontinental Championship, in its heyday was the second biggest title in the WWE. A title given to work horses and a great way to get young talent over. In 2009 it's largely an irrelevance. There are three world titles now and nowhere near the roster depth there used to be. This DVD reminds us there was a time when the IC Title was a significant part of the WWE, and who's to say it won't rise up again to relevance? These matches were voted for on line by fans so we do get some useless matches, but overall there's enough good matches on this to make the experience worthwhile.

    The first Ever IC Champion was Pat Patterson so naturally he's featured in a match, and it's with a young babyface version of Ted DiBiase. Lots of stalling and probably not going to be appreciated by too many younger fans.

    The next match features Ken Patera clashing with former WWE Champion Pedro Morales at Madison Square Garden in 1980. This is a fun match with a hot crowd. The next match sees Morales returning to MSG to take on the Magneficent Muraco in a fun little match. This is followed by one of the best known of the 1980s IC Title matches as Muraco puts his title on the line against Jimmy Snuka in a steel cage match, again at MSG , in 1983. Muraco wins, but no one remembers that, all they remember is the frog splash off the top of the cage by Snuka.

    Next match is a Lumberjack match with Greg "The Hammer" Valentine taking on Tito Santana at, you guessed it, MSG in 1985. Not a lot to it. Next match is from 1986 with Randy Savage defeating Santana to win the IC Title This leads to one of the best loved matches in WWE History, Ricky Steamboat's dramatic victory over Savage at Wrestlemania 3. The reign would be short lived however as Steamboat was headed back to the NWA ranks and dropped the title to the Honky Tonk Man in our next match on Superstars from 1987.

    Honky Tonk had the longest IC title reign ever, but eventually dropped the title to the Ultimate Warrior in our next match from Summerslam 1988. The first disc ends on a high note with the Warrior winning a surprisingly good match over Rick Rude at Summerslam 1989.

    Disc Two is where the collection starts to lose its mission statement, telling people the history of the IC Title, and becomes a greatest hits collection. It starts off with one of the best matches ever to happen in the WWE with Bret Hart defeating Mr Perfect Curt Hennig at Summerslam 1991. The next match comes a year later in another outstanding match as Hart loses the Title to the British Bulldog at Summerslam 1992.

    We skip a year and a half for the classic ladder match between Shawn Micheals and Razor Ramon from Wrestlemania X. Ramon ends up losing the title in our next match, an fun encounter between Ramon and Jarrett at the 1995 Royal Rumble.

    The next match is one of the ones that is only on there because of the wrestlers involved and is actually a huge disappointment as Steve Austin defeats the Rock at In Your HOuse: Degeneration X in 1997. THis is followed by the Rock retaining his title in an outstanding two out of three falls match with Triple H from Fully Loaded in 1999. This was key match in Triple H's career.

    Disc Two ends with Chyna defeating Jeff Jarret to become the first female to ever win the IC Title in a silly Good Housekeeping match.

    Disc THree is a real hit and miss collection. It starts with a decent match between an inexperienced Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho from No Way Out 2000. For some reason fans voted for a triple threat match with X-Pac, Jericho and Eddie Geurrero in 2000.

    The next match features Jeff Hardy defeating TRiple H in a memorable match from SmackDown in 2001. The next match, also featuring Hardy, is a title unification ladder match with the European Title to be absorbed into the IC, won by RVD. Not great, but historical significance dictates it belongs here.

    The next match is arguably the best on Disc three. Edge's thrilling victory over Randy Orton from Vengeance 2004. This is followed by another quality match, a cage match between Triple H and Ric Flair from Taboo Tuesday 2005. Flair pulls out the win, which is well sold by the commentators.

    Next is a winner take all match with the IC TItle and the Money in the bank briefcase on the line between Rob Van Damm and Shelton Benjamin. Van Damm wins an exciting match. Shelton Benjamin also features in the next match taking on JOhnny Nitro and Carlito. Nitro pulls out the win.

    The next match is the scorcher between Jeff Hardy and Umaga at the 2007 Great America Bash. THe Disc ends with Chris Jericho making history, defeating Jeff Hardy in a decent match to win his 8th IC Title. A record.

    Overall this is a good DVD. There are some matches on it which don't belong there, but the good greatly outweighs the bad.