• Warning: Spoilers
    Diane and I watched this fascinating insight into a little known WWII tragedy several nights ago and the horror of what we watched unfold will long remain with us. I had only read references to the sinking of the Gustloff and it being history's worst naval disaster but seeing the unfolding of the events of that disaster was truly harrowing. The inevitability of the outcome was like the unfolding of a terrible Greek tragedy, the end of which was already known.

    Diane and I both were impressed by the acting of the large cast and the ability of the director to manage this large group of people as effectively as was seen in the film. We were also impressed by the myriad of subplots that peppered the script: the subplot of the captains, some military and others not; the Russian spy; the girlfriend of the captain; the young boy trying to avoid discovery and inevitable induction into the army; the U-boat group forced to leave their school and overall, like some dark cloud, Hitler's continuing refusal to admit eventual defeat. All of this constitutes an extremely heady broth and one that will certainly provide an excellent evening's entertainment even though the fatal nature of this broth will probably be known by any person taking the time to view this film.