• Warning: Spoilers
    ...And I thought I would be seeing a light-hearted comedy. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening.

    Believe it or not, Ronald Reagan gives a fairly good performance as a man who it is rumored fathered an illegitimate child.

    Nice to see Shirley Temple all grown up in her mature role as the illegitimate one. Naturally, she is sweet as she has to face a hostile town. With the insurance money that auntie left her adopted parents, why didn't they all move out of that Peyton Place of a town?

    Rory Calhoun, young with those heavy eye-lashes, is hopelessly cast as the young man who loved Shirley (Mary) but married another to parental pressure.

    Lois Maxwell is the new teacher in town ready to buck the conventional tenets of the strict traditionalists. She loves Reagan but winds up not getting him when the secret is finally revealed. Who Mary really is was handled very clumsily in the film. It was rather a rushed ending, almost like a shot-gun wedding. However, the picture does try to show the effects of illegitimacy. Remember "Blossoms in the Dust?"