• Brilliant, intelligent, sci-fi at its best....Those were the things I heard about Stalker before renting a DVD and watching it. I had great expectations. And, to be honest, these expectations were fulfilled, somehow.

    Well, we have to adapt and find other uses for the things that are around us. A stone can be used as a weapon or a paper weight, a decorative piece, or a substrate for lichen growth, you got the idea, right? Now, in that vein, I would say that I found a perfect use for a movie like that. Is it a lesson in cinema? No! Is it a lesson in story- telling? No! Is it a well-crafted sci-fi story? No!

    Stalker is the perfect cure for insomnia. It works, it is fool-proof, and best of all, it is non-addictive. It could not be better! Fifteen minutes watching it and you'll be sleeping like a baby!

    Stalker and movies like it demonstrate why art, artists and "artsy things" are totally useless and even detrimental to society. They have no imagination, no creative power. They think that emptiness, nothingness, boredom are meaningful.

    Nothing happens, it is amazing. It is like staring at an empty canvas.... And I think that this is the problem, I know people, lots of people that think that staring at an empty canvas is meaningful, enlightening.

    No wonder so many raving reviews of Stalker.

    Watching grass grow would be more interesting, at least you would be looking at something that is alive.

    ON the plus side (yes, there is a plus side) the photography is beautiful. But, again, this not enough to save Stalker. The photography in this case is like the wrapping of an empty present box.