• I saw this movie yesterday, and let me tell you my friends it didn't disappoint me. But don't get me wrong, it's not that this movie is fabulous (God forbid), is that I hadn't any expectations before seeing it.

    The film starts good. We have our main character, a lonely and tough guy who receives a phone call from a relative (aunt?), telling him that he has to give shelter to an unknown cousin of him for a few days. This cousin is a young woman who wears a chinstrap due to some illness. They hit it off quickly and she is introduced to his cousin world: an underground world full of crime. Here, in this world, we are introduced to the character's brothers: Fly (a gangster wannabe) and Site (Fly's sidekick). After some scenes of violence involving the three brothers, we learn that Ngo (the girl), had to go back to her home. Hau Tau (the main character), not waiting to loose Ngo's love, decided to track her back. After this, I fall asleep

    Again, don't get me wrong people. The movie is not that hideous, I was very tired after a grueling day of work. However, between the part we learn about Ngo's departure and Hau tau's travel to Ngo's place, the movie somehow slows down a bit in a very noticeable way.

    To sum up, this movie it's not so bad, but it's not s good either. After all, it is just another movie