• Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this without any real expectations and totally on a lark but I liked it! Yes, some parts of the movie were really bad or slow and the big bad guy was really really badly done BUT I think that all gave this movie a very campy character to it. It reminded me of third season Doctor Who's where everything is fake and bad but yet the whole is really enjoyable.

    ** Spoilers ** I thought that this movie gave you a real feel for how Norsemen might have talked and felt about things. Not in a truly documentary way but far more realistically than in most movies. I think people don't register how different believes could create dialog like that. If a good death is the ultimate prize then they would say things like 'too bad you didn't die in that great battle'!

    I especially liked the fact that the women were not at all helpless. Any women taken on a ship to an unknown destination would have to be some tough stuff. Speaking of women - I really really liked the evil villainess wolf. I thought she did the part very well and sort of saved the film. Can anyone tell me who that actress is? She does not show in the cast list here and I could not find it online.

    It would actually be nice to see a sequel to this but I don't see where there are enough characters left for that. Besides, people don't appear to be open-minded enough to give it a chance. Oh well, color it one of my guilty pleasures!