• Here we go again. It must be summer, so here come the remakes. I really wanted to say something good about this one, but, alas, I really can't .Cast is competent but Washington seems to be sleepwalking in a role he obviously did for a paycheck. Travolta- a generally likable actor gives his worst performance since Stayin'Alive-or Swordfish as the baddie who masterminds a heist on a subway train to bring NY City to its knees. Worst of all there is no gallows humor that made the Matthau- Shaw version so much fun.The action scenes are predictable and seem to be lifted from every action flick ever made and the subway system functions only as a prop. No real suspense is ever generated and the predictability factor manifests itself from the beginning.What is even more amazing is that the City of New York allegedly co operated with the filmmakers. Does anybody remember 9-11-01? Matthau and Shaw would be spinning in their graves if they could see this. The viewer has an easier choice. Save your 9 bucks and a trip to the multiplex and rent the 1974 original. Don't get pushed under the train for this! It ain't worth your time-or money. Zero stars.