• Warning: Spoilers
    Frank Capra co-wrote, co-produced, and directed Flight, a film about two guys (Ralph Graves and Jack Holt) in the military who of course are in love with the same nurse, played by Lila Lee. The film opens with a simulation of a headline event of the time, that of "Wrong Way" Roy Riegels running the wrong way with a football during the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day 1929. Lefty Phelps, played by Ralph Graves, is Riegels in the film, trying to get away from the public, return to anonymity, and regain his composure after the embarrassment. The film contains footage of the actual event. Enter Jack Holt as Sargeant "Panama" Williams, a military tough guy willing to teach the young Graves the ropes of flying. The two meet up with Lila Lee, a nurse, where they're both stationed and the limp romance takes over. The film is accompanied by another limp sub-plot about a Nicaraguan rebellion (also based on real life events prior to the film), but it really only serves as an excuse to get the three leads to what would be referred to as an exotic location for a 1929 audience. The real star of the film is the fantastic aerial footage reminiscent of Wings from two years before. The roles are all stereotypes today with Graves the new guy trying to prove himself to the tough leader (Holt) taking him under his wing and Lee, the nurse, threatening to come between them. It's all very predictable of course, fast-paced, and corny, but it's old-fashioned entertainment. Sometimes there's nothing better. **1/2 of 4 stars.