• Train 48 was incredibly boring. People doing bad improvisation and trying to be dramatic or funny or even worse dramatic and funny at the same time. I don't understand how a show this boring and poorly produced could ever make it onto TV, they didn't even have a writer for crying out loud! Actually I do understand they did it because it was incredibly cheap and a Canadian produced TV show. It doesn't matter that it was horrible and boring it just mattered that it was produced in Canada and gave money to some bad Canadian directors/writers/actors/producers. Then the show finally gets canned and they move on to the next horrible Canadian produced show that has no hope of success and no hope of finding an audience that actually would want to watch it. It was on every day and must have taken about three minutes to write. The problem is when you don't have much going on and you let all these actors "improvise" all their lines you end up with pointless scenery chewing and overly dramatic scenes that nobody wants or needs to see just to fill in the extra time.