• I remember not expecting anything good when I walked into the first Transformers movie since I had not liked the animated series, I was not a big fan of Micheal Bay's (Judging from Pearl Harbour and Armarrgedon being terrible) but, since there was nothing else good I went anyway and I was surprised, since it had good special effects (Well I saw THAT coming) and actually had a storyline and I was impressed, it was definitely a step up movie wise for Hollywood/Micheal Bay.

    Then when I heard about the second movie and I think with my high expectations I was pretty much down there. I expected the same fantastic quality of the first one and while this movie is good, it does not ever reach the quality the first one did.

    In this one Sam goes off to college 2 years after his first battle with the decepticons. But adventure follows him there and he is led into the second major battle of good vs. evil.

    The story is alright although lacking in some places, the movie does use its long run time well though and never stops unless it has to. Although the special effects take up this one more, this was not the only problem. They added too many of the characters just for kid humour, something which was lacking in the first one (which is a good thing) and I hated the twins that talked give even though that has not been considered a cool thing to have in a movie in about 5-10 years.

    Overall, the movie fails to reach up to the standards of the first movie but is pretty good and well worth a watch for fans of the first movie and the show. I rate it 62% for being an entertaining popcorn movie. Nothing more.