• Warning: Spoilers
    I was not born when this movie came out so I have just had the chance to watch this movie and actually appreciate it recently and I must say I can see why this movie is recognized as one of the best movies of all times. The movie generally gets across human emotion and the acting and directing of everyone involved makes this movie a brilliant show alone. Not only is the movie well made but the story of it is fantastic and certainly does not mess up Stephen Kings novel. Even in it's near 3 hour runtime it does not ever get boring (and this is coming from someone who comes from the add generation) and always has a story to tell. Everything in this movie is important about the storytelling, from the main story to even Brooks story of him spending 50 years in prison and then being released and realizing he is completely dependent on the prison and has become used to being enclosed in its walls.

    Overall, the film is a masterpiece and I am glad I got to watch such a fantastic film. It is certainly up there in terms of the best movie of all time, and even though I am a little hesitant to call it the best, I would definitely put it in the top 10. I give this movie 96%.