• while i was slightly disappointed (as others were, i see), that the movie didn't relate to the games as directly as one would have hoped, i was surprised (pleasantly) as to how much it did. when compared to the live action movies, this film is hands down the best RE movie out there. now, i have been a life-long fan of the game series and always thought, hoped, and wished that they would make a movie based on the game. and now the finally have. it's definitely a must see for anyone who liked the game in the least bit.

    and now, the bad parts. while very few, the game did have some disappointing flaws. only bringing back two of the game series main characters for the story was sort of a bad idea. i mean, i realize that they didn't want to over clutter the film with small bit parts, but the could have at least involved other main characters with cameos or something. also, where is wesker? wesker's been the bad guy since the get-go and he is always behind it in one way or another, yet, he is completely devoid from this film. overall, the only bad things in this movie are the ways that a fan of the games might think it would (or should) hook up into the overall arcing storyline, but it doesn't. it almost seems like this is just another day in the life of our main characters (albeit, with zombies).