• There has been a lot of bad kids films in the past decade which relied on tired jokes, predictable story lines and fart humour but this show is n't like that and really can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

    The plot starts with Sid the sloth, who, after being abandoned by his family after migration, finds Manfred, a depressed mammoth who just wants to be left alone. Together, they find a baby and decide to take him to his tribe to be with his family. While this is going on, a gang of saber toothed tigers hunt for the baby and send fellow tiger Diego to find the baby, but when he finds the baby in the care of Manfred and Sid he decides to lead them, acting as a tracker right into an ambush. Here begins the humour.

    The plot is more balanced and the characters more likable then in your ordinary kid film. In this film we see more then just the usual fart and slapstick humour and begin to see jokes about their actual situation and while it does have most of the jokes aimed at kids, the jokes are fresh enough that adults will respect the experience as well.

    Second, this film has a great back up of not only a good storyline and animation but all the voice actors support each other beautifully and help add quite a style to this movie that also adds to its enjoyability.

    Overall, the film is funny and has many enjoyable moments. I definitely recommend it for the whole family from the kids to the adults. This is (As usual) the best film in the series.