• When you are watching a movie from a director you don't expect much and this movie entertains you ,it's always good value.

    The shadow of Duvivier hangs over the whole movie,without the genius and the pessimism.There are three distinct plot linked ,in a rather artificial but effective way :

    1)An actress (Simone Renant) whose star is on the wane comes back to make a new movie;here the Duvivier touch is everywhere :how can't you think of "La Fete A Henriette " (remade as "Paris when it sizzles" and later as "Alex and Emma" ) when the screenwriters argue about their story ;it's a far cry from Jeanson's lines ,but the plot of the screenplay which involves a mother (that Renant would play) and (ouch!) her eighteen-year-old daughter who loves the same man as she does is much fun.

    2)A gorgeous young girl (Dany Robin,the star of "La Fete A Henriette" ) is in love with an American pilot but they see ten to twenty minutes a week;she wants to travel and he dreams of a hardware shop.

    3) Drug trafficking which provides the movie with its low point for this subplot is much too derivative.

    All happens in Orly airport in a very short space of time and now you know where the writers of the "Airport 70,75...." found their idea.Dreville never sued them,mind you.