• Warning: Spoilers
    *Spoiler/plot- 1959 The Amazing Transparent Man, Crazed ex-military officer has dreams of world domination. He forces unwilling nuclear scientist to do his orders. The scientist has developed a process for invisibility through atomic radiation. With this process, military man wants an invisible army and sell it to the highest bidder. They break out of prison a famous well-known safe-cracker. This crew make the criminal invisible so he can break into government's safes to collect more atomic unstable fissionable materials. The event take an unexpected turn. *Special stars- Very recognizable actor, Douglas Kennedy does very well in his role and safe-cracker & pushy mob boss on screen. James Griffith plays his usual slimy sneaky military guy here. Hansome female actor, Marguerite Chapman does well in her sensitive gangster moll role. *Theme- Family values and patriotic fervor will win against baddies. *Based on- ??? *Trivia/location/goofs- Film was shot in Texas. One of the two SF films directed by Edgar G. Ulmer, who did also 'Beyond the Time Barrier', a good film. *Emotion- The title claim "Amazing" is too much for what is essentially a thriller film about a criminal using an invisibility serum. Film's ending is great but somewhat unbelievable and a bit funny.