• Ready for some cold spaghetti from the bottom of the pot? Despite being a good looking production, Trinity & Sartana is about as sophisticated as a Three Stooges short, only with fewer laughs, no chemistry from the two leads, and the worst spaghetti western score I've ever heard. Also, whoever designed "Sartana's" costume should be tarred and feathered.

    Harry Baird, who plays Trinity (that's Trinity from Trinidad) and who's usually in better movies, heads a cast of familiar European faces in this typical tale of a couple of outlaws who find it easy to rob banks but hard to keep the money since Trinity (from Trinidad) keeps giving away the loot.

    It's a testament to the popularity of the real Trinity and the real Sartana (and the real Django for that matter) that literally dozens of (mostly) dull movies came along to capitalize on them by attempting to trick unsuspecting moviegoers into watching inferior films.