• I like this very much. The actors are superb, Gerhardt Lippert as the lead does a very good job. Gustl Bayerhammer is a very evil bad guy, something one would not never think he could pull off, but he did, very convincingly, I might add. His character, the Ertl Bauer, is very similar to Helmut Qualtinger's in Peter Turrini's Alpensaga. The narrator is outstanding. He speaks archaic language, talks as if he would fall asleep any second, but it fits the mood of the piece just right. I do not know why not more people know this, it is pretty unknown. Helmut Fisher of Monaco Franze fame has one of his last roles before becoming famous, the same with Martin Semmelrogge (Das Boot). Cinematography is not outstanding, which is a good thing, it is subtle and only adds to the almost documentary style of the three part miniseries, something I am sure the director intended.