• Warning: Spoilers
    As far as portraying actual life events as a rancher or farmer in the early 1900s, this movie does a fairly decent job. Wyoming can be harsh; summer and winter, and the movie shows us just how so. Stock dies. Children die. Neighbors (though miles away), die. The story revolves around a young widow with a daughter who accepts a job as a housekeeper for a rancher in Wyoming, in the year 1910. So far, so good. This was quite common back then. But where this movie falls down is that scenes seem to be cut short, sort of reminding me of some dance move or musical phrase not completed. And in one scene the 2 are talking about how they will be neighbors, as the woman has bought herself a homestead and plans to leave after her year is up, but in the next scene they are getting married. Did I miss something? Maybe there was a segue scene that had been cut out when the movie was put on DVD. But what really was not believable was the physical characteristics of the 2 main people. Not to say that Torn or Ferrell are not fine actors, but both are a tad hefty, especially Ferrell, and it's hard to not notice that someone who works literally 24/7, and with not a lot of food, is that fat. Do a little reading on what it was like back then, and the only Fat Cats were those who were very rich, and did not do much all day because they had servants.