• In Germany there is a saying when one talks about a writer or a comedian that just nails down-to-earth characters in terms of dialog. "Den Leuten aufs Maul schaun." (to look on the mouth of the people) That's what happened here. Not every writer could have come up with this kind of dialog, because one cannot come up with this kind of dialog, one has to grow up with it or at least experience it first hand. People really talk that way in rural areas, even to this day. Peter Turrini is a master of crude yet intelligent dialog, memorable and strong characters and deep and meaningful stories. His other works come to mind, for example "Sauschlachten" (pig slaughter) and Rozznjogd (rat hunt), which stirred up great controversy, when they first premiered. I do not know, if it was the same with Alpensaga, but it is nevertheless great drama, great characters and an all upstaging Helmut Qualtinger. When this guy opens his mouth you are glued to his persona, one is just spellbound. You really believe, that he is the person he is playing. Hans Brenner (father of Moritz Bleibtreu) and the rest of the cast are also brilliant, there looks are just perfect for a drama set in the Austrian countryside.