• Warning: Spoilers
    Director Michael Feifer has also worked on movies about Richard Speck, Ted Bundy, BTK, Ed Gein and the Boston Strangler; this time he makes the effort to be more factual. Antonio Sabato Jr. is pretty convincing as Henry Lee Lucas, who confessed to committing any where from 350 to 600 murders. Many of these meaningless murders were with companion Otis Toole(Kostas Sommer). This film has Lucas making confessions to a Sheriff with the Texas Rangers(John Diehl)and a District Attorney(John Burke). One believes all of the confessions, while the other claims most of Lucas' tales are just that...tales. Either way; Henry Lee Lucas was driven to his devious and murderous ways my an abusive mother(Cala Coley). Kelly Curran portrays Toole's 14-year old niece and Lucas' lover...and one of his victims. This movie appears to have had a limited budget, but is very watchable. A crime story fiend's delight.