• Warning: Spoilers
    As an independent film, it's not bad. As a film in general, it's pretty un-watchable. The script isn't so bad, but the actors' delivery of it is awful. It's your basic psycho girl going ga-ga for a guy scenario, and waaayy down that list as well. No atmosphere, and each of the characters take turns being the dumbest person on screen. They make choices that none of us in our right mind would ever make. In the modern cinematic world, having to say "Don't Go In There!" or trying to understand why a man in love with his wife (who is already supremely jealous and suspicious) would blatantly say he can't have lunch with her and then let his wife hear the psycho on his end of the phone saying "Fuck me again Paul" even though he hates this woman and wants her out of his office and would never have sex with her. Another thing, for him being so faithful and wanting this crazy woman out of his office, he sure lets her hang around an incredibly long time. Just dumb storytelling.