• Warning: Spoilers
    Wow... talk about a bad movie - this film has No redeeming features other than the fact that I found Dr Paul strangely attractive.

    The acting (ESPECIALLY from the lead actress) is so wooden and scripted it's like watching an advert for toilet roll. The idea of some mad woman smashing her teeth apart to be seen by the dentist she loves seemed to be a frightful idea but the add-on and main storyline, including the switched pain / pleasure receptors was just laughable.

    I do NOT recommend this at all, it's just a cheap thriller movie with 1 scene where she chews on a chisel (that must be all the ORAL part of the movie) and nothing else gory at all it does not make you squirm as mentioned in previous post unless you include squirming out of your seat to spend the reaminder of the movie sat outside on the cold floor, which i would much have preffered to have done!