• Warning: Spoilers
    One of my all time favorite horror films is The Omen.The Omen is a very scary and original film. Director Richard Donner directed this classic film. Any film that has to do with demonic stuff just creeps me out.

    The Omen is the story of Robert Thorn(Gregory Peck) and his wife(Lee Remick). After his wife has a miscarriage, Robert decides not to tell her and adopts a new child. Named Damien.Damien, Robert, and his wife decide move to London because Robert is an ambassador. On Damien's birthday one year, a woman commits suicide. After that, a bunch of other bad things start to happen. Soon, Robert becomes under the impression that his son is the son of the devil. He also learns a bunch of other horrible truths.

    The Omen is a creepy ass film. Most of the horror films nowadays blow. But I still try to remember ones like this, and this really is a genius film. Richard Donner has directed many great movies such as Lethal weapon and surprisingly, The Goonies. The Omen is one of the best horror films ever.

    The Omen:****/****