• 22 October 2009
    This film released in 2000 but looks like a 80's movie

    The movie is inspired from Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford starrer The Devil's Own but the treatment is the same Hindi film style The film also reminds us of Ajay's HAQEEQAT(1995) and also recently released BLACK N WHITE which also remade THE DEVIL's OWN

    The movie starts off well but Ashutosh's characetr is treated in a too clichéd manner

    Bobby's finding place in Amrish's house is too convenient Also the forced romance angle between Bobby and Rani In fact Rani's character is like a child and she irritates like she did in most films post 1998

    The plot then moves in the most predictable fashion and most clichéd fashion

    Direction by Raj Kanwar is nothing great Music is okay

    Bobby got used to playing such roles of a terrorist and played it many times, He is good in parts but at places overdoes Ashutosh is fabulous Rani irritates and acts like a grown up kid Sana Saeed is okay Amrish Puri is likable in a clichéd role Ashish Vidyarthi is okay