• Warning: Spoilers
    I recently rewatched this, not remembering it kindly. But I actually liked it when seen recently. Sean Young is redheaded, a photographer. Her husband is the police sketch artist of the title. There is a murder which involves the fashion industry.

    A great many elements of this are dull, formulaic. But there is some very nice shaping here. Our noir narrator does not narrate in the conventional sense, but through the image. Actually, it is only one image, but we invest a great deal in it early in the movie. A witness played by Drew Barrymore when she competently specialized in these characters, describes the murderer and we slowly see the image of the artist's wife. We have brazenly been introduced to her, punctuated by a unique bright red hairstyle and some provocative near nudity.

    What follows is a quest to discover what is up, and toward the end to exonerate himself. Along the way, Drew's character is killed, in such a way to reveal some notable armpit hair. Pretty impressive for a TeeVee movie, that. The unraveling of the mystery is unremarkable, but that development of the image mattered. It was novel, highly cinematic and well done. Sean Young lost her bearings some time before this, but that cold confusion of self adds to the character here.

    Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.