• I, like many Simpson's fans make it an annual tradition to sit down and watch the Simpson's tree house of horror specials (Which don't air on Halloween) and although always liking one of the segments the specials of late have been sadly below my expectations. Unfortunately this episode, while having many likable moments is not a fantastic episode by any means. I will now go into my analysis of all 3 segments.

    Dial M For Murder Or Press # To Return To Main Menu: 7/10 This segment (Obviously) is a spoof of horror legend Alfred Hitchcock and the particular spoof they have here is of classic 1951 movie "Strangers On A Train". The plot line of this short has Lisa and Bart both in detention and bitter against the teacher where Bart has the plan to criss-cross and ding-dong-ditch the teacher. Bart then kills Lisa's teacher and Lisa, mistaking the ding-dong-ditch to be just a harmless prank fails to impress Bart and Bart tries to get her to take care of his business. This short is incredibly clever in the many spoofs of Hitchcock and there are many enjoyable moments in the 5 minutes this short takes up.

    Don't Have A Cow, Mankind: 8/10 This is the best special of the night which is a spoof of the fantastic zombie film "28 Days Later" where Krusty Burger sells tainted meat which infects all of Springfield with an infection which turns them all into blood thirsty zombies. They then find out Bart is immune to infection and, with the help of Apu try to get him outside of Springfield to the "Safe Zone". This short is, while short, incredibly enjoyable and funny for a zombie fan. The only problem with this segment I have is that Homer was incredibly annoying in this short (More annoying than he has been usual in this normal series which is bearable) but that was not enough to put too much of a dampener on this generally hilarious spoof.

    Sweeny Todd Type Spoof 5/10 While the second one was the best segment this one unfortunately fails to reach the standard of the first two (Which usually is n't how they do it in TOH episodes). This segment had some funny and well thought out moments but a lot of it seemed rushed. I can sadly only give this one 5/10.

    Overall while this was n't the best TOH episodes it is probably the best from the last 3 years or so. Overall I'd give this a 7,