• I loved Blood Night! It reminded me of the old school horror films that I grew up with in the 80's. Plenty of sex, kills, and nudity!! I thought it was pretty clever that the local high school kids party on the anniversary of Mary Hatchet's death. Sounds like something me and my friends would do!! It was also pretty neat to finally see the urban legend come to life. I'd been hearing about the legend of Mary hatchet since I was a kid and it spooked the heck out me then. Glad to see that the film was equally as creepy and scary. The first ten minutes are pretty sick too! Also, I love Bill Moseley and Danielle Harris so if you're fans of their work,you should definitely check it out. I also just found out that this is a completely independent film. How come all the best horror films are independents? Anyway, great film!

    Can wait to see it again!