• I wonder just how many people over the years, from its European theatrical release to its present place on public domain video, have found themselves swindled by this movie. Though the two main characters of this movie have the names "Trinity" and "Sartana", this movie has absolutely no connection to those two famous spaghetti film series. I knew that when I picked up this movie, but I thought I still might get some enjoyment out of it since I love spaghetti westerns.

    But despite my love of spaghetti westerns, I found this one very painful to sit through. It's a somewhat comic spaghetti western, but I did not laugh or smile once. The humor is unimaginative and often falls on familiar slapstick. But what's worse is the story - there's no real story, it's mainly a series of vignettes with loose connections to each other. What's even worse about this is as the movie goes on, it makes less and less sense, so at the end I had no idea what the hell was going on.

    If you must watch this, seek out a widescreen print. The pan-and-scan version frequently chops off important stuff from the sides of the image so that the movie makes even less sense.