• Warning: Spoilers
    Just watched this Max Fleischer Screen Song cartoon on YouTube. In this one, a cat is fishing, and singing about it, while many fish go out of the pond before walking back in and some worms get out of their "jail" can with one of them using the can opener. When the cat uses one of the worms on his hook, that worm manages to charm the female fish by playing the ukulele with one of them dancing a hula-like move. Another fish is a mermaid with her breasts showing (but not the nipples that go with it!). She resembles Betty Boop with voice to match. I'm guessing it is her! Anyway, when the cat uses his hook to throw her to the big clock behind him, she turns into a live action Ethel Merman (oh, now I see where they got the mermaid idea!), who tells us to follow the Bouncing Ball while she warbles the title song. After that part's over, there's a few more highly amusing gags to round out the cartoon. Having just revealed almost everything, I'll just say I liked this and I recommend Time on My Hands.