• Warning: Spoilers
    Complete Propaganda! I agree that film is made by quite artful and smart men, but definitely not very moral one's. Not many people know about nowadays harassment of Russians and Russian history by Latvian authorities. Exactly Latvia is the place where the film came from. This film selectively shows you a little pieces and parts from it's own deliberated angle. They ask an opinion of a few odd people and we get a conclusion that USSR was and Russia is a hostile country, a huge history is packed in a small reel and thoughtful director carefully shifting our attention to present days, so we could see this "fascist country" (few Nazi are shown in 140 million people country) and certainly we'll conceive this fake attitude. But one can't judge about something if he hasn't seen the whole scene yet. I appeal to people - be objective, use some more source's about Russian history. Avoid a superficial knowledge, don't make hasty conclusions, be candid, don't let someone think for yourself!