• An excellent cast, with Wilfred Hyde White. It was Ronnie Barker's first film. It also launched the career of Jean Dawnay, hailed as the new Grace Kelly. Frankie Vaughn stars as a hunky fisherman attracted to a society girl. Shot in black and white, with the innocence and charm of the 1950's. It is a real pity films like these are not shown on TV more regularly. The language is dated, a la Brief Encounter, but this adds to the charm. No violence, no sex, no swearing just some catchy songs, a happy ending, and a beautiful cast. "Hurry little fishes, hurry if you can - You will find a welcome, in my frying pan!" Perhaps the film should be remade casting Paris Hilton in the lead role as Anne. It is impossible to find a copy on DVD or video, but it would be great to see films such as these relaunched as a box set - I'm sure there are plenty of this era and genre.