• Warning: Spoilers
    You know how there are some movies that are just so awful that you just can't stop watching them? - Sadly, this ain't one of them. It's just plain dull. All you're in for is a boring hour and a half of a less than mediocre movie. There are many scenes that are contrived. but they aren't laughably, over the top, contrived (which would have redeemed the movie somewhat). eg. the prison escape scene - I'm pretty sure there's more to escaping prison than just knocking out the guard... Aren't there like layers of doors you have to get buzzed through? - and how about the chick fight scene - Despite having her head repeatedly pummeled with a golf club, each chick in turn, fully recuperates in mere seconds to 100% fighting strength and counter attacks the other. - I think this goes on for 3 iterations.

    To sum up... If you're hoping for a train wreck of a movie - Don't bother. In fact, the only reason I could see someone enjoying the movie is if he/she had friends involved with it.

    ... speaking of which ....

    I did some spot checking on the review history of anyone giving this movie a positive rating... I couldn't find a single positive reviewer who had reviewed any other movie - just this one.

    So either:

    A. They honestly thought this was so fantastic a movie as to warrant their registering onto IMDb and submitting their first ever review.


    B. They are shills who are hyping up a movie that they or their mom/son/partner/etc. worked on.