• Warning: Spoilers
    I really did not know what to think coming into this film. The title, "Scent of a Woman", certainly does not really give the viewer much idea of what this film is all about.

    The audience immediately feels for Charlie who honestly does the best he can to do what is right, but luck does not usually shine in his direction. So he meets up with Frank who certainly does not give him any leniency from the get-go. After a while, Frank becomes a father figure to Charlie and the two learn from, and help each other out.

    The plot does not sound extremely original, that is until you factor in the fact that Frank is blind and ready to give up on life. Al Pacino really makes this film with his over-the-top portrayal of the colonel. He is a very interesting character and it is neat to see him interact with different people.

    One little problem I had with the movie was the courtroom scene. I know in some private schools they have these mock courtroom situations to deal with disciplinary actions, but this one seemed a bit too far fetched.

    This is a great movie to work and has the unique variable of someone who cannot see to make it stand out more than others.